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Friday, April 16, 2010

Holy Ulcer Pain...Batman!

What a night! Jen had cooked chicken spaghetti for supper. About 9:30 I started having abdominal pain which I associated with a gall bladder attack. I haven’t had one of those in a long time, but what I do remember is that eventually they go away unless infection has started. Infections would be accompanied by fever and I did not have fever. Well……about 12:30 after being doubled over in pain in the floor I realized that I could not overcome by myself. Soooooo……...The ER was friendly and courteous. I found out that I have an Ulcer or severe acid reflux. (I capitalize the word Ulcer out of respect demanded by the intensity of pain it holsters) They gave me a cocktail of numbing liquid. It worked in around 15-20 minutes. They took my blood and determined that it had nothing to do with my gall bladder. So praise God that my gall bladder is ok. I can afford to treat an ulcer/acid reflux. I can’t afford a surgery to remove my gall bladder. Anyway, next week I will follow up with Dr. Jansen. I finally got back home and in bed by 2:30-3:00. It was a long night. By the way Jen had just as bad of a night…not with pain….but with trying to take care of me. I love that women. She is amazing. I know you would say that she is supposed to take care of me. The truth is she had to work today too. She could have gone to bed and left me to deal with the pain. Because face it…there was nothing she could do….wait….that’s not true…she could love me…AND SHE DID. We are both at work on little sleep. Not a renewed energy for the day, but a renewed love for my wife. That will do.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Jen's Bringing Home The Bacon!

Jen's got a new job! She starts Tuesday at a local doctor's office as a file clerk/receptionist. I am so proud of her. She set out looking for a job that she wanted making sure she didn't settle on something just for a paycheck. I knew she would get a good job....pretty people just have it easier than us ugly folk. Anyway, please help us pray for God to bless her new position and the office that hired her.

Gettin small in the waist and cute in the face!

I know it has been 3 months since my last post. Sorry my focus has been on other things. I have a blood fat/lipid problem. My triglycerides were out of control. I also was diagnosed with metabolic syndrome. You can check it out on WebMD if you want. The main thing to know is that I needed to live a healthier life style.

The good news is that since my last post I have officially lost 48lbs and still losing. I went from 265 to 217. How you ask....ANCIENT CHINESE SECRET!!! Diet, exercise, and a personal trainer that would make Julian on "The Biggest Loser" cry. The personal trainer helps keep me accountable. If I eat fatty, high sodium,and carby foods...the scale will show it. The scales don't lie. Then the mean spirited ex marine corp drilling instructor motivates me to get back on track. (That is putting it lightly.) Another significant thing I have learned is what and how much to eat. You may not believe it, but at 265 I thought I was eating healthy. I would have looked you in the eye and told you I was eating healthy. WOW! That sounds so dumb now. I would exercise, but wouldn't get results because I was eating 2-3x the fat, carbs, and sodium I needed in a day.

Anyway, I have worked my butt off (no pun intended). I am almost done with this 12 week commitment and am focusing more on what to do after the 12 weeks to maintain the weight loss. One thing is for sure...I have worked to hard to allow myself to gain it back.

If you are reading this thinking you can't lose the weight. I have been there...I know how trapped you feel. I know what it feels like to try and try with NOTHING TO SHOW FOR YOUR SACRIFICE. Here is my advise. Get help! I found out that I didn't know how to do it on my own. Help is out there and life it too short to live one more day unhappy with yourself. I knew that if I had continued the lifestyle I was leading my girls (2 year and 7 year old) would be fatherless in about 10 years (if that). You can do it if you have the right knowledge and desire.

By the way, my triglycerides are now where they should be. I think I will be around for awhile longer. At least I know that if I go it won't be for something that I am doing to myself.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Jesus Loves Me This I Know!!!!

God is so good! Shelby last night started asking questions about Adam and Eve. So, Jen and I broke out the Bible and shared the story with her. We talked about Adam and Eve sinning and the cost of that sin is DEATH!!!! Jen and I went to bed feeling good that Shelby was asking about God. Little did we know that God was pricking Shelby's heart.

We woke up this morning ate breakfast, went to work and school. Everything seemed like a normal day. Then at supper Shelby asked about God again. Jen and I reminded Shelby of Adam and Eve and the cost of sin. Shelby asked if there were people going to Hell. We said "Yes, but they don't have to. Someone has already paid for their sin."
Shelby said "Who?"
We answered "Jesus."
Shelby said "I want to give my life to Jesus, but I don't know how."

At this point my insides were trembling in fear and excitement. We rushed Shelby to see Pastor Stan. He asked her questions to make sure she had a grasp of the whole situation. Then he said "You know we can talk to God. It is called prayer."
Shelby said, "I know."
Stan said, "What do you want to tell God?"
Shelby said, " I want to ask Jesus to save me and to let him know I love him."
Stan was shocked. What a perfect sinners prayer.

My Prayer is:
Thank you God. Shelby is excited to know that you are preparing a place for her in Heaven. Please help Jen and I lead her in the direction you want her to go. I know you have big plans for her. We give her to you and submit to your plan for her life.
In Jesus name I pray. AMEN!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hey Pumpkin...you come here often?

A neighboring community had their annual Pumpkin Day Festival! We go every year...unless it rains like last year. Here are some pics.

Shelby loved the horse ride!

There was even a little pony for Beth! She was so excited. I am the creepy guy in the green shirt following her.

The girls got their face painted. Ghosts....SPOOOOOOKY!

Shelby played some games and won a Halloween cup with spiders on it. We called it her goblet of death. (AHHH just what every girl needs)

Someone was giving away free puppies and I had to be the bad guy and say NO! Look at this pic....could you tell her no? It hurts me more than it does her.

Shelby picked out a pumpkin. I baby sat the pumpkin for awhile. I kissed it and loved it and called it my own.

And no Pumpkin Day Festival is complete without a hay ride.

All in all it was a great time. Happy Halloween!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Beth's New Cute Quotes

Beth is growing up so quickly! I thought I would take the time to write down a couple cute things she has been saying. I don't ever want to forget them.

1) Beth's Prayer
Dear God,
We love you very much...Thank you Mom and Daddy...In Jes name I pray...Amen

2) When I have the unfortunate responsibility to reprimand Beth, she always runs to Mommy and says in an upset/sad tone "Daddy told me all about it." It melts my heart!

I love that girl so much.
Dear God,
We Love you very much...Thank you Beth....In Jes name I pray..Amen.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Paybacks are so much fun!!!

Today was great! In my business it is important to keep a good rapport with the banks we do business with. Today....I made some true brownie points. One of the local banks in town (Regions Bank) has an employee (Daniel) that goes to college, works at the bank, and bakes bread for people as a side business (Mr. Graham's Bread). He also likes to prank people. Well...What goes around comes around.

Here is a few facts to make this make sense.
1) The bank branch manager (Chris) is an attorney.
2) I know most everyone in the bank and they know me as a cut up.
3) Everyone in the bank knows I have skills.
4) Chris provides me with a badge that says "Professional Civil Process". Which to someone not scared to death...means nothing.
5) Chris provides me with a letter from a reputable law firm from a neighboring metro area. The letter states that Daniel sold bad bread to a client and the client had to be rushed to the hospital and is suing for damages ($5,000.00).

Here is how it played out.
Daniel is already having a bad day being 15 minutes late for work. I show up and stand in the teller line. When one of the tellers asks if they can help me I answer "I am looking for Daniel Graham."

The teller directs me to him as he responds, "Is that a badge?"

I answer, "Yes sir. Can we please step aside in order to have some privacy?"

He agreed.

As he is putting money into his drawer and preparing to lock it up. Another employee (who is in on the gag) says, "Can I help you sir?"

I answer, "No ma'am, I found who I needed."

Daniel, feeling quite uneasy, comes out into the main lobby. I ask him, "Are you Daniel Graham of Mr. Graham's Bread."

He confirms his identity and I quickly respond with, "You are being served. Please sign here."

Shocked Daniel signs and asks, "What should I do?".

I respond, "I am not allowed to discuss the case with you. Please take the letter I gave you to your attorney and he can explain further."

Daniel politely says, "Ok...Thank You." Daniel tried his best to act cool, but he was nervous. I calmly walked out the door.

After I left, Daniel was quoted as saying, "I can't believe I am not out of college yet and am already being sued."

Daniel runs to the only person that he trusts could give him advise....The bank Branch manager/main instigator, Chris.

Chris leads him on a bit before saying, "YOU HAVE BEEN PUNKED!"

I nailed my part. If any Hollywood producers are looking for a fake process server...I am your man!